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Driveway Looking Run Down? Why You Should Have It Sealcoated

When you think about the beating that your driveway takes on a daily basis, it's no wonder that it can begin to look rather run down. There's the oil and other fluids which leak from your cars, the intense pounding of the sun's rays and the moisture build-up that can happen when there is excessive rain. The driveway may start to look so bad that you believe you have no choice but to replace it. However, having it sealcoated might be the better option. Read the information below so you can open your mind to the idea of asphalt sealcoating over a full replacement.

Sealcoating Is More Affordable

Although the thought of a brand new driveway can certainly be appealing, you have to think about the practicality of the matter. It can cost as much as $5,000 dollars to have your old driveway torn out and replacing it with a new one. During tough economic times, it just might not be feasible to consider coming up with such a large sum of money.

Sealcoating your asphalt driveway will usually only cost you a fraction of the amount listed above. The price is done either based on the size of your driveway (by the square foot,) or as a package deal that is priced depending on where your driveway falls along a spectrum. A good driveway contractor can do such a great job that it would seem that you did decide to have that brand new driveway installed. They fill in all of the cracks and lay down a protective coating that can make the surface look as good as new.

Sealcoating Is A Protective Barrier

A large part of the reason why your driveway could be in the condition that it is in is because of the elements which have seeped down into the asphalt. When the seal wears away from the surface of your driveway, it leaves room for untold damage to occur in a relatively short period of time.

Putting a sealcoat in place means that you have a protective barrier which will keep out excess moisture, dirt and other forms of debris. This means that your driveway will continue to look newer for longer than you ever thought possible.

Going with the sealcoat is also beneficial because it's a much quicker process. You can have the work done and then expect to end up with an incredible-looking driveway within a very reasonable length of time. For more information, contact companies like Oregon Paving Co.