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3 Ways To Keep Your Parking Lot In Great Shape

If you just recently had your parking lot repaved, and want to keep it looking great, you need to stay on top of maintaining your parking lot.

Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

One of the biggest things that you can do to keep your parking lot in great shape is to keep your parking lot clean. When your parking lot is full of rocks, leaves, dirt and trash, there is a greater chance that your drainage channels will get clogged up. Debris can also lead to puddles in your parking lot. Both of these conditions can cause your parking lot to break down over time. Additionally, an unclean parking lot is not attractive nor safe for your customers.

The best way to take care of your parking lot is by keeping it clean. Early in the morning a few times a week before your parking lot is filling up with people and cars, use a leaf blower and a broom to clean your parking lot. Blowing and sweeping your parking lot clean will help extend the life of your parking lot and make it look more attractive to potential customers.

Keep an Eye Out for Cracks

If you regularly have someone clean your parking lot, keeping an eye out for cracks should be an easy task. Make sure that you have whatever employees clean your parking lot report to you if any cracks or holes are found in the parking lot.

Addressing cracks and holes right away will extend the life of your parking lot. Filling in cracks and holes when they are small will prevent them from spreading and creating real damage to your parking lot. You can fill in small cracks and holes with cold asphalt patch material.

If you let cracks sit, water can freeze in them and expand. If you leave cracks long enough, weeds can grow in them, creating further damage. This can all be avoided by filling in cracks as soon as they appear on your own or hiring a paving company to fill in cracks in your parking lot at least twice a year.

Keep Drainage Basins Clean

Next, make sure that all drainage basins are kept clean. Clean up any leaves and other debris that can accumulate in your drainage basin. At least once a year, lift up the drains and have a professional clean the drainage basins for you. Keeping the water flowing and keeping your drainage basins clean will help extend the life of your parking lot.

If you want your new parking lot to last, sweep and clean your parking lot weekly, keep all drainage basins clean and take care of cracks as soon as they appear. To learn more, contact a paving company like J R Paving Co.