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Steps To Getting An Old Parking Lot Back Into Shape

If you're looking at a commercial property to buy, you have to consider the land, buildings, and parking lot. If the building has been vacant for awhile, the lot may be neglected and full of tall weeds. While the lot may appear to be in bad shape, it may only need cosmetic improvements. Here are some things you'll want to discuss with the paving contractor about getting the lot back in good shape.

Identify Drainage Problems

Parking lots often deteriorate due to poor drainage. Rain might not run off properly due to poor planning when the lot was initially installed or because of shifting of the soil under the lot. Sometimes water seeps into cracks and that can cause damage to the base that leads to sunken areas of the lot. If there has been an ongoing drainage problem, the lot may need more extensive repairs and you'll have to factor in the cost of improving drainage as well.

Determine The Amount Of Surface Damage

Parking lots deteriorate for different reasons. It could be due to heavy trucks driving on the surface or prolonged exposure to the sun. Age takes a toll on asphalt and it will crack and crumble if you don't keep up with repairs. Ask the contractor to determine the degree of damage on the lot. If the base is still solid but the asphalt has a lot of cracking and crumbling areas, then the contractor might be able to resurface the lot.

This involves putting down a new layer of asphalt on top of the faded and cracked layer to fill in the damage and hide stains and faded areas. This makes your parking lot look like new and it is cheaper than ripping out the old lot and putting in another one.

See If Sealcoating Is An Option

If the base of the lot is good and the surface of the asphalt only has a few cracks, then it might be possible to sealcoat the lot rather than resurface it. This requires pulling out all the weeds and filling in holes and cracks first because anything under the sealcoat will show through. Sealcoating is a very thin coating sprayed onto the surface of the lot. It's often suitable when a parking lot needs cosmetic repair only. The coating covers the surface of the asphalt so the color returns to a rich black. The coating also acts as a protector against rain and UV rays so the life of the lot is extended.

Once repairs to your lot are done and a new sealcoat is applied, you'll want to make arrangements with the paving company to apply a new sealcoat every few years so the lot maintains its fresh appearance and stays protected from further damage due to weather exposure and cracking.

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