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Sealcoat And Overlay Asphalt Repair Methods

Asphalt is a straightforward, durable, and long lasting material. However, it is going to fade, crack, and pick up a few bumps and bruises over the years. If you want to restore your old asphalt and make it look like new, there are actually a few easy ways to go about it. This article compares sealcoat and overlay repair methods. These are two of the best ways to affordably repair old asphalt.

Sealcoat vs. Overlay

A sealcoat finish is basically a liquid gel that is applied onto your existing surface, much like a coat of paint. It is a very thin layer that is only going to update the color of your asphalt. But, it is not going to repair or seal holes in the surface.

An overlay finish is more like a very thin layer of asphalt. It needs to be applied using special asphalt equipment that heats it up as it is applied. As the overlay dries, it hardens and creates a thin but durable surface on top of your existing asphalt. An overly finish might fill small cracks and seal them, but it is not going to fix large holes.

Patching Your Holes

In both cases, will you play a seal coat or an overlay finish, it is a good idea to patch your asphalt before hand. You want to Seal and repair all of your cracks and holes to create a service that is as flat and smooth as possible. The main perk of a place you could finish is is that it is easier to do yourself. Since you don't need any special equipment, it can be a very manageable DIY project.

Patching asphalt is also a great DIY project, so you can handle all the work yourself. If you want to apply an overlay finish that is a little more durable and long-lasting, you will still need to patch the holes. Some people, choose to patch their own holes, and then have a professional come in to apply the overlay finish. This is one way to save a little bit of money on the project. Of course, the majority of homeowners simply let the professionals handle the entire project because they don't want to deal with asphalt work.

Whether you fix your asphalt with an overlay or sealcoat finish, you can make it look nice and new if you properly patch the holes beforehand. Visit a site like for more help.