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Have An Asphalt Driveway? How To Tell It's Time For It To Be Resurfaced

If you had your driveway paved many years ago, it may be at a point where it looks like it is in a state of disrepair. Thankfully, those problems can be fixed with asphalt resurfacing. Here are some signs that you need a local paving contractor to help make your driveway look brand new again.

Pooling Water

When the asphalt was first installed, it likely had a natural slope to it so that the water rolled off the surface and into the nearby soil or down into the street. Over the years, the asphalt may have developed dips in the surface that causes problems with pooling water. This is not good for the asphalt since it can allow water to get into cracks and allow them to expand, making the existing problem even worse.

While pooling water may happen naturally from the ground underneath the asphalt settling, it can also happen from the weight of a car being put in the same spot each day. Resurfacing asphalt when you notice pooling water will eliminate those dips and get the surface back to how it once was.


Cracks of any type are a problem with an asphalt paved surface. They can be single cracks that are deep, potentially extending all the way to the bottom of the asphalt. Cracks can also be small and shallow, spreading out like a web across the surface to ruin the visual of a smooth surface.

The biggest danger that cracks cause is further damage to the asphalt. Water will get into the crack, freeze, expand, and cause the damage to get worse. Rather than seal these cracks with ugly patching material, you can have the asphalt resurfaced to fix the problem.


Asphalt can also become discolored over the years due to a variety of reasons. Sunlight can easily affect the surface color if there is not a protective seal coat, but it can also occur due to uneven shade. You may notice that areas that receive constant shade, like under a carport, are a different color than areas of the asphalt that are out in the open.

Using salt on asphalt in the winter or having a car fluid leak can also cause the surface to be stained to the point where it is difficult to fix. Resurfacing asphalt will fix the color and cause the entire surface to look brand new again, hiding all those flaws caused by years' worth of damage.

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