Paving For Fun

Design A Hardscape-Style Outdoor Patio

Are you looking for ideas for your new outdoor patio? If you and your spouse enjoy entertaining, maybe you will be planning an outdoor kitchen as part of the patio design.

Look For A Paving Contractor

Unless you are a person who is totally comfortable doing large home projects yourself, think of contacting a paving contractor to establish a cement foundation for your patio. Besides doing the actual work, he or she will more than likely be happy to help you with the patio's design. 

Be ready to answer questions that the paving contractor might ask, including the following:

The paving contractor will probably have a portfolio of work that their company has done previously. You can take the designs he or she shows you and then tweak them to make the design more to your liking. For instance, maybe you like a photograph of a patio that has bricks as part of the design, but you also wanted to use flagstone. The paving contractor can do a sketch of a design that would combine the cement with both the bricks and the flagstone that you like.

​Add Interest To The Hardscape

Think of how you can incorporate outdoor furniture into the kitchen part of the patio. You should also consider ways that you can use patio decor to add interest to the area.

Select outdoor furniture that will perform well in inclement weather. For instance, wrought iron furniture wouldn't just be attractive, it would also not be damaged by heavy rains or high winds. If you want something more rustic, outdoor wooden furniture would be a good choice. Either way, think of getting seasonal seat cushions that will add pizzazz and comfort to the space.

Decorate the kitchen part of your hardscape-style outdoor patio, too. For instance, place a metal hat rack near the cooking area -- however, instead of putting hats on it, use the hat stand for things like aprons, attractive pot holders, and fun kitchen towels.

When you buy a kitchen storage unit that has shelving as part of the design, use the storage unit for things like cookware, plates, and flatware. Put decorative pots with real or faux flowering plants on the shelves to add color to your outdoor patio.