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5 Reasons To Use Asphalt For Your Commercial Driveway Paving

As a business owner, you must keep your commercial premises' exterior clean and well-maintained. Besides, you want customers and potential employees to have a great first impression of your business. What better way to achieve this than having driveway pavers install a commercial asphalt driveway?

Read on to discover five reasons to choose asphalt for your commercial driveway paving.


Asphalt is a sustainable material that decreases your carbon footprint. In addition, porous asphalt allows water to return to the ground underneath to prevent polluted water runoff. Besides, you can convert your old asphalt into a new smooth surface and reuse the materials during repairs. Finally, a commercial asphalt driveway absorbs sound to prevent noise pollution from heavy traffic.

Ease of Installation

A Commercial asphalt driveway is simple to install and takes a short time to dry. On a warm day, driveway pavers complete your project faster and with minimal disturbance to your business.

You could also opt for night driveway paver installation to prevent business disruptions. Afterward, when your business opens the following day, your commercial asphalt driveway will be cured and operational.

Ease of Maintenance

A commercial asphalt driveway has manageable maintenance activities. Some care tips include:

Undertake regular maintenance to keep your commercial asphalt driveway in good condition to prolong its lifespan. Driveway pavers can formulate a maintenance schedule if you're unsure how to do it.


A commercial asphalt driveway has high skid resistance that prevents traffic accidents. For instance, open-graded asphalt allows water to drain through, thus reducing the surface water vehicles drive through.

Moreover, commercial asphalt paving has a dark color contrasting with road markings. So your drivers and customers have better visibility during unfavorable weather conditions.


Your commercial asphalt driveway can last 20-30 years with proper care and maintenance. The durability is thanks to asphalt's flexibility, which withstands heavy vehicles and machinery. Moreover, asphalt also comes in different types, each of which withstands harsh conditions. For instance, porous asphalt has little pockets that allow water to penetrate and not damage the substrate.

A commercial asphalt driveway is a long-term investment that guarantees value for your money. But first, you must hire reputable driveway pavers to ensure a quality installation. This will guarantee that your business benefits from the benefits discussed above. Reach out to a local driveway paver service, such as Paver Life Inc., to learn more.