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How Much Should You Spend On Residential Asphalt Paving Installation?

Damaged or poorly maintained driveways and pavement will give your guests a wrong impression of you. But you can correct that by installing new asphalt paving on your parking lot, walkways, and driveways. It is a significant job that requires a reasonable investment, so you should hire a reputable paving company to get the desired outcome. But how much will you spend to get the job done? Keep reading to learn what will determine the amount you spend to install residential asphalt paving.

1. The Area to be Covered

If you have a large area, a long and wide driveway, and walkways, you will likely spend more than an individual with a smaller project area. This is because your project will require more paving supplies, work, and time to complete, requiring you to dig deeper into your pockets. In addition, if you want your asphalt paving to have unique finishing or customizations, expect the project to cost relatively more.

2. The Asphalt Paving Contractor

Paving companies offer services at different rates. The prices vary because of their location, where they get their supplies, their level of investment in paving technology and equipment, and their overall expenses. So get estimates from several paving contractors and choose one based on your requirements and budget.

3. The Paving Quality

You should choose the thickness of the paving depending on its intended purpose. You don't have to install very thick paving for residential purposes. If the paving is intended for bikes and small cars, you can use a thin layer, which will cost much less than a typical commercial asphalt driveway or parking lot for heavy machinery and loads. More supplies are used for thicker paving, so the amount you'll spend on installation will be relatively higher than when installing thinner paving.

4. The Groundwork

If your parking lot and driveway need too much work, like clearing tree roots, leveling, or draining excess water, the amount you'll spend will be relatively high. As a result, the contractor will need more resources to prepare the areas. However, if the target area has proper drainage and no obstacles, less work will be required for preparation, thus lower paving costs.

Asphalt paving will transform your parking lot, driveways, and entire property. You should hire an experienced company to handle the home improvement assignment. They will install the paving correctly and quickly. In addition, they can offer warranties and service guarantees to ensure you get value for money.