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Asphalt Driveway Repairs That Can Repair Advanced Damage

Small cracks are easy to repair on an asphalt driveway, but once damage turns into holes and crumbled areas, the asphalt contractor may need to cut out the asphalt and replace it. They may even need to restore the base or add drainage to prevent future crumbles and cracks. Here's how this type of asphalt driveway repair might be done.

Remove Damaged Asphalt

This asphalt driveway repair is done by using a saw to cut out the damaged area. The asphalt can be hauled off or recycled on the spot and poured back in the bare area. When the asphalt is recycled, it's the same as getting new hot asphalt poured on your driveway. If your contractor doesn't have recycling equipment, they need to pour new asphalt to cover up the bare spot on your driveway.

If you have one or multiple areas that are cut out, the repairs will be noticeable since the new asphalt is dark black and your driveway may be faded. The contractor might recommend putting on a sealcoat to even out the color of your driveway. Making these asphalt driveway repairs is important since rain and snow get in the holes and cracks and cause them to get bigger. Eventually, water could leak to the base and cause it to shift.

Use An Infrared Machine

Infrared equipment can heat up old asphalt so it can be moved to fill a hole or restore a crumbled area. This requires placing the machine over the crumbled asphalt to melt it so it can be raked back into a hole or to form a solid surface to replace crumbles. More hot asphalt can be added if needed. This is a fast way to repair damaged asphalt, and it eliminates the need to cut out the damaged area. However, you may still want to sealcoat your driveway to blend in the color of the repairs.

Deal With Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracks are signs of problems under the asphalt. Simply repairing the cracks is not an appropriate driveway repair since the new asphalt will probably crack, too. Instead, this asphalt driveway repair involves working on the base. The contractor has to cut out the alligator crumbles. These can be recycled and reused right away or hauled off. Once the asphalt is gone, the contractor can add gravel and compact the base or make other repairs that are necessary. Once that's done, hot asphalt is poured over the area and compacted. This prevents the escalation of damage to your driveway and the base under it.

For more information about asphalt driveway repair, reach out to a local service.