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2 Important Reasons For Commercial Property To Maintain Their Lots With Parking Lot Striping Services

Commercial property owners have a variety of things they must do to keep their properties safe. They also need to stay ahead of their competitors by ensuring that they can attract customers to their locations. In the midst of all of their responsibilities, some property owners neglect their parking lots. They may focus their concerns on issues such as whether there are cracks or other damages such as potholes. Parking lot striping is a very important aspect of lots. It promotes safety, and it can also improve aesthetics. The following points highlight some of the key benefits of seeking parking lot line striping services.

ADA Compliance

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires commercial property owners to have accessible properties for handicapped individuals. This a federal mandate, which means uncompliant commercial property owners could get fined or sanctioned. The parking lot is a key area of focus. It should have designated parking spaces for disabled individuals.

There should be spaces available for cars, trucks, and vans. This means that there need to be wider spaces to accommodate vans that are often used by individuals who use wheelchairs. A paving contractor will be aware of how large the spaces should be and can ensure that there are enough dedicated spaces available during the parking lot restriping service. 


A disorganized parking lot or one that has faded stripes can be deemed unsafe. It is possible for pedestrians to get hit by vehicles. Fender bender accidents may also occur. Customers may park in areas that they should not such as near loading docks or fire zones, which can put them at risk for on-site injuries.

A parking lot line restriping can help properties be safer because it will clearly mark where pedestrian walkways are located. Loading dock areas and no parking due to fire truck reserved areas will also be marked. Speed bumps are also repainted during this valuable service. Safer parking lots reduce the liability of the property owner if an accident occurs. 

A paving contractor is a good resource for commercial property owners to use if they suspect they have a need for parking lot line services. Contractors can inspect lots and perform the service. They may also discover other issues with the lot such as seal coating parking lot repair needs. A fresh seal coat can extend the lifespan of an asphalt parking lot and make it appear newer. Crack filling and patching can also extend the lifespan of a lot. These services combined with new parking lot striping can significantly improve the appearance of a lot.