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Are You Thinking Of Replacing Your Asphalt Commercial Parking Lot? What To Know First

When you have a commercial property and the parking lot doesn't look like it's in good condition, you want to look at the different repair options available. Although you may be considering replacing asphalt with concrete, this could be a costly mistake and headache. Instead, find a commercial sealcoating company that can come to the property and evaluate how poor the

When & How to Patch Concrete

Do you have a bunch of cracks in your sidewalks? If you have cracks that are just small, you can probably just ignore them. Even if they don't look great, there is no effective way to fill cracks that are basically hairline fractures in your concrete. When to Repair Cracks Small concrete pressure cracks are extremely common. They can occur when the soil underneath the

Three Causes Of Paving Damage

The paved surfaces in your yard and garden, from your main driveway to patios, walkways and other types of hardscaping, provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing surface to the exterior of your home. However, like all surfaces and materials that are exposed to the weather, your paved surfaces can begin to crack, degrade, and otherwise become physically damaged o

The Ins And Out Of Asphalt Patching

Patching asphalt surfaces is actually a very manageable DIY project. Even if you don't have any experience working with asphalt, you will probably find that asphalt patch easy to work with. This article explains what products and tools you need to patch asphalt like a pro. It also runs you through the process, and should help you understand important differences betwe

Improvements To Consider For The Exterior Of A House

Changing the appearance of the exterior of a house can give it a completely different atmosphere. The right kind of changes can also be helpful for making your house more valuable, which is a wise investment if you intend on selling it one day. The types of changes that should be made depends on what the exterior currently looks like. For example, if there is siding o