Paving For Fun

Paving For Fun

Driveway Seal Coating: 5 Basic Steps

The best way to ensure that your asphalt driveway has a long working life is to apply a seal coating every few years. A seal coat is made up of asphalt tar and various epoxies. It fills in the pores on the asphalt to create a water-tight seal that slows down weathering damage and prevents stains from leaking auto fluids or other spills. 1. Weed Cleanup    We

Why It's Worth Sealing Your New Concrete Patio

Did you recently have a concrete patio installed, and you are wondering if it's worth having it sealcoated? Here are a few reasons why it is worth protecting your new concrete. The Concrete Will Be Protected From Damage  A lot of damage can happen to concrete that does not have a sealcoat applied to it. This is because a sealcoat will act as a protective barrier

Warehouse Floor Epoxy Lining: Keys To Success

If you have a warehouse, you probably will have a lot of equipment and tools that you'll need to keep organized. In that case, you might want to have floor epoxy lines that designate where certain items should go. Just make sure you follow these suggestions when getting these epoxy lines placed. Focus on an Epoxy Solution That Lasts You'll spend a good amount of time

How Much Should You Spend On Residential Asphalt Paving Installation?

Damaged or poorly maintained driveways and pavement will give your guests a wrong impression of you. But you can correct that by installing new asphalt paving on your parking lot, walkways, and driveways. It is a significant job that requires a reasonable investment, so you should hire a reputable paving company to get the desired outcome. But how much will you spend

3 Aesthetic Pavement Additions For An Attention-Grabbing Driveway

While asphalt is a great option for many applications, there are several ways to enhance the look of your asphalt pavement to make it even more visually appealing. From decorative accents like stamped designs or colored asphalt seal coats to practical additions, such as curbs and drainage systems, these simple enhancements can take your asphalt pavement from ordinary